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Joel Richler has over 35 years experience as a trial, arbitration and appellate counsel, arbitrator and mediator. He is a former partner at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP where he chaired the litigation group at that firm’s Toronto office. After obtaining his civil and common law degrees at McGill University Law School and joining Blakes, Joel appeared before all levels of the courts in Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia, and he appeared in the Federal Court of Canada (Trial and Appeal Divisions) as well as the Supreme Court of Canada.


Joel has long been an advocate of the use of arbitration as an efficient means of resolving commercial disputes. He obtained a Diploma in International Arbitration from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and he has been admitted as a Fellow of that organization. Amongst other accomplishments, Joel is on the Canadian and International Rosters of the ICDR, a member of the ICC International Arbitration Committee, a member of the ADRIC, a member of the North American Users’ Counsel of the LCIA, a founding member of TCAS and a founding Fellow of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers.
Joel has been counsel in numerous ad hoc and institutional domestic and arbitrations and he has acted as an arbitrator in several arbitrations, as chair of arbitral panels and as sole arbitrator. For several years he has been listed in several categories in Chambers Global, Chambers Canada, Lexpert, Best Lawyers in Canada, Guide to the World’s Leading Experts in Commercial Arbitration and Who’s Who. Joel is currently listed in Lexpert’s Directory of Leading Litigation Lawyers, Guide to the Leading US/Canada Cross-Border Litigation Lawyers in Canada and its 2016 Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada.


Joel firmly believes that arbitration and mediation are the best means through which commercial disputes can be resolved. He is committed to working with counsel and clients in order to “tailor make” processes designed to meet their cases and their interests.
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  • Contract dispute, cannabis industry (Party appointee, ICDR domestic)
  • Contract dispute between developer and condominium corporations (Chair, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Franchise agreement in retail clothing sector (President, ICC)
  • Contract interpretation re. airline industry contract (President, ICC)
  • Contract between magazine publisher and distributor (Sole, international, ad hoc)
  • Contract rectification claims (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Adjustments in share purchase agreement (Chair, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Valuation of artwork (Chair, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Termination of international product distribution agreement (Sole, ICC)
  • Interpretation and application of prior arbitration award (Party appointee, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Contract adjustments in sale of television service provider (Chair, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Seat capacity agreement dispute between a national air carrier and a regional carrier (Counsel, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Joint venture relating to provision of helicopter services (Counsel, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Interpretation of profit-sharing provisions in commercial co-ownership agreement (Counsel, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Product liability claim (Counsel, ICC)


  • Delay claims, power plant construction, (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Delay claims, energy project, (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Delay claims, construction of water treatment plants (Chair, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Cost allocation dispute (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Delay claims, waste disposal project (Chair, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Delay claims, power infrastructure project (Party appointee, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Defective steel mill retrofit project (Counsel, international, ad hoc)
  • Subsurface conditions, contract interpretation (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Delay claim, construction of military facilities (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Weather related delay claims (Sole Referee)
  • Extras in road building contract (Sole Referee)
  • Road building contract interpretation (Chair, Referee Panel)
  • Claim for extras in road building contract (Sole Referee)
  • Claims for extras in road building contract (Sole Referee)
  • Construction claims under a P3 contract (Counsel, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Procurement of construction subcontract (Counsel, domestic, ad hoc)


  • Oppression claims arising from commercial real estate shareholder agreement (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Oppression claims in context of franchise agreement (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Law firm partnership dispute (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Law firm partnership dispute (Party appointee, domestic, ad hoc)


  • Mining contract termination claims (Sole, ICC)
  • Mining contract dispute (Chair, international, UNCITRAL Rules, ad hoc)


  • Royalty and patent infringement claims in context of software licensing agreement (Counsel, international, Ad hoc)
  • Royalty dispute (Counsel, international, ad hoc)
  • Manufacturing process software installation dispute (Counsel, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Termination of software development contract (Counsel, domestic, med-arb)


  • Contract between municipal authority and condominium developer (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Rent reset dispute (Party appointee, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Rent reset dispute (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Rent reset dispute (Sole, appointee, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Easement and right-of-way agreements (Counsel, domestic, ad hoc)


  • Maritime loss claim (Sole, domestic, ad hoc)
  • Maritime loss claim (Party appointee, domestic, ad hoc)


  • Termination of franchise agreement, injunction (ICDR domestic)
  • Dispute between hotel management company and property owners (ICC)


  • dispute relating to claims made on fraudulent corporate debentures
  • oppression claims made by debenture holders in context of hostile takeover bid
  • judicial review relating to application of Tobacco Tax Act provisions to a casino
  • injunction proceedings brought by professional sports league relating to illegal broadcast of blacked-out telecasts
  • dispute arising from claims made by losing bidder in public procurement for health therapy services
  • dispute arising from claims made by losing bidder in public procurement for construction services for regional municipality health therapy services
  • maritime law claims made in relation to loading accident and loss of cargo
  • dispute relating to delay and defect claims made under contract to build municipal centre and city hall delay claims made in respect of renovation of large museum in City of Toronto
  • several procurement and construction/contract disputes made against and by municipal mass transit system
  • delay claims made in relation to construction of Pearson airport
  • dispute relating to procurement of naval vessel retrofit services
  • dispute relating to retrofit of large manufacturing furnace
  • disputes relating to fraud and theft by key employees
  • dispute relating to retrofit of manufacturing plant by Italian supplier
  • international class action against fast food company in relation to promotional contest
  • dispute relating to co-packing of national brand product and breaches of license agreement
  • dispute relating to default on documentary letter of credit
  • dispute relating to interference with commercial relations
  • numerous professional liability claims against lawyers
  • commercial claims made against a Superior Court Judge
  • negligence claims made against a Superior Court Judge

Proactive Dispute Resolution: Counsel | Arbitrator | Mediator

Arbitration and mediation can help you find proactive solutions to dispute resolution without resorting to expensive litigation. A dispute can not only drain your time and money but it can also have a significant affect on your reputation. By resolving your dispute through arbitration or mediation you can focus on getting back to business as soon as possible, while keeping your reputation intact.


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Bay Street Chambers is a leading group of senior barristers practicing as arbitrators and mediators who specialize in international and domestic commercial disputes.

Members of Bay Street Chambers are recognized specialists in all areas of commercial law and handle disputes across the full spectrum of the business and financial world, including banking and finance, civil fraud, insurance and reinsurance, energy, trade, shipping, revenue and employment. All members have a reputation for exceptional talent, top-class advocacy and a client-oriented approach.

Bay Street Chambers was created in July, 2012. The goal was to establish a structure that would allow the members of Chambers to deliver an arbitration process that is fair, expeditious and cost effective.