• Chair of arbitration relating to adjustments in share purchase agreement (ad hoc)
  • Sole arbitrator of breach of contract claim arising from termination of international product distribution agreement (ICC)
  • Counsel on arbitration between two national airlines relating to capacity purchase agreement dispute
  • Counsel on arbitration arising from joint venture dispute between parties providing helicopter services in British Columbia
  • Counsel in arbitration of claims relating to disputes under easement and right-of-way agreements between government agency and oil pipeline companies
  • Counsel in arbitration of claims arising from interpretation of profit sharing provisions in a real estate co-ownership agreement (ad hoc)
  • Counsel in case applying corporate indoor management rule (Supreme Court of Canada)
  • Counsel to professional sports league on matter relating to illegal broadcast of balcked-out televised games
  • Counsel to multi-national corporation alleging fraud against former key employees
  • Counsel to corporation alleging breaches of confidence and fiduciary duty against former key employees
  • Counsel to plaintiff in international product liability claim
  • Counsel to fast-food franchisor in class action relating to alleged rigged contest
  • Counsel to multi-national manufacturer of well-known food product against its Canadian licensee on co-packing and contract dispute issues
  • Counsel to Canadian chartered bank in claim relating to documentary letters of credit
  • Counsel to corporation in matter relating to wrongful interference with commercial relations
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